Who We Are ?

Established in the year 1993, Saicon Enterprises is one of the leading Service provider of high functional IT Products such as, laptops, projectors. Our massive range comprises of Laptop Adapters, Laptop Battery, Laptop Screen, Motherboards, Keyboards etc. We also provide Laptop Repairing Services.

One of our speciality comprises of Rental Services. We provide Laptops on Rent, Desktops on Rent, Apple Macbooks on rent, Apple iMacs on rent, Apple iPads on rent, Projectors on Rent, Servers on Rent, Printers almost all IT Equipments on Rent in Mumbai and Pune.

laptop rental service in Pune

About Our Company

Saicon Enterprises is a platform that aims to simplify selling of gadgets online. We have a versatile and simple idea to make the life of the sellers easy. Saicon Enterprises lets you sell your old things, so you can use the cash to buy new things, while doing good for the environment.
We at Saicon Enterprises, serve the IT Industry since 1993, with a very hard working bunch of individuals to deliver the best service to achieve customer satisfaction. We have a very clear vision, "Performance Speaks".
We offer you the best product range from the leading IT and AV vendors in the country and we back it up with the best advice, and provide a superior service experience, every step of the way, at very competitive rental rates.
We maintain our equipment’s with utmost care and use the best parts available to keep them working at optimum levels, and stable. In this endeavor we also strive to increase the End-Of-Life cycle of our products, and eventually ensure they are disposed off in the safest possible manner without affecting our precious environment. And to achieve the aim of this responsibility, we have joined hands with companies that ensure safe and certified disposal of this equipment.

To be the largest and most respected rental company in India.

Build a company by working with our clients and partners based on principles, values, service and a very high value for commitments.

Why go for rentals?

Rental equipment’s are ready ex-stock and usually delivered within 24-48 hours from the time of ordering. This decreases deployment time drastically. Be it for a branded or an unbranded equipment. Its always ready.
Since we buy directly from manufacturers at substantially lower prices, our rentals turn out to be cheaper than EMIs for all tenures. Ensuring you more savings!
Why spend on products that lose up to 50% of its value the moment you purchase it? Renting gives you an opportunity to invest that money on experiences or places where you can get high returns.
Renting frees you from procuring and maintaining Service Packs, or entering into different Service Level Agreement’s with different vendors for various products used by You or Your organization. It also frees you from maintaining records of Software Licenses owned by You or Your organization.
Renting with Us ensure you have complete peace of mind. We not only Rent the equipment to you but also maintain it. Instant replacement of equipment to instant upgrades as the case or requirement maybe.

Our Partners